Monday, February 24, 2014

Backup Android Contacts to PC and Transfer to Samsung Galaxy S5

It is very common to hear people around you have a new Samsung phone or tablet today. Having a new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? Bought yourself a fully new Samsung Galaxy S5? In many cases, transferring contacts from the older phone to the new phone is the first thing new users want to do. However, copy or re-create one by one manually is always consumes time and energy, so, how can we easily and quickly backup the old phone data, and transfer them to Samsung Galaxy S5 without too much effort? In fact, what you need is just a powerful Android manager tool, Android Data Transfer.

Android Data Transfer allows you to easily and quickly back up everything on your Android, such as photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, call history, apps, calendar, etc. With a simple click, you can recover all deleted data files. Besides, you are allowed to selectively choose only the data files you want back to recover. Therefore, you can manage both of your phones' data with ease.

How to Backup Android Contacts to PC and Transfer to Samsung Galaxy S5

Part 1: Backup Android contacts to computer

Step 1 Set up your Android phone with Android Data Transfer
Step 2 Back up Android contacts with a click
Note: If you save all your contacts to Gmail account, you can just log in to your Gmail account you used to save Android contacts. Choose contacts you want to backup and click "Export". Select vCard format and save contacts to your PC. You can open and view them with Address book.

Part 2: Import/Export Android contacts to Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 1 Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 with your PC, then set up your Samsung Galaxy S5
Step 2 Import the backup contacts files to Samsung Galaxy S5

Backup and transfer contacts from/to Android

In addition, you can also use another way to transfer contacts from your old phone to Samsung Galaxy S5 directly, it's more convenience. Phone to Phone Transfer is an easy-to-use as well as useful and helpful content transfer software between Symbian, Android and iPhone. So, you can directly sync your contacts and other data to Samsung Galaxy S5 with a click.

Step 1 Running the program on your computer
Step 2 Connect both your old phone and the Galaxy s5 to the computer
Step 3 Transfer contacts to your new Galaxy s5 with a click

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